it all started as a simple download


I got bored talking to my roomate and there was not much to do so we got on the internet and looked up something about South Park (me and my roomate seen South Park when it first came out and loved it). We seen nothing but dvds for ebay then we had went to the last page on the google suggestions and we seen a website and it simply said SOUTH PARK FREE DOWNLOAD. Me and my freind/roomy got exited and downloaded it. The website was pitch black and on the upper left it said 'SNUFF MONTLY'. We tried to stop the download but we couldnt.


The download was done me and my roomy was terrified .It showed snuff related card board cuttouts. Me and my roomy got scared Ss we left the house because we are wussies. Me and my roomy had a couple of drinks and we tried to forget about it .This is my story THE END